#21 In A State

#21 IN A STATE // Since May, I’ve been putting out one small music piece every friday, often tying it together with a subject that interests or moves me. The project has taken on a life of its own and I just love to have these goals, even if they’re artificial, I love planning them and I just love finishing something, however small it may be. I’m not the only one, I’ve seen many other musicians doing series like that, watch out for the hashtags with growing numbers behind them!


I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t be too on the nose with my subjects. Political, yes, sometimes, always, in a way. But that I would always try to write music INSPIRED by things, and not ABOUT things, protecting the music from becoming something it isn’t, or can’t be, or shouldn’t be.


This week, I had so many ideas in my head for a possible project. But I just wasn’t able to focus on them. So I decided to cut myself some slack and then proceeded to become the biggest news junkie ever. And this morning, I sat down at the piano in my living-room, way too early for the neighbours, which is why I’m playing with the „sourdine“ , and let some stuff out.


That’s all for today. Coming up in the next weeks are awesome vignettes with guests like @Nicole Johänntgen, an interview with an scientific illustrator who loves butterflies, and many, many more very cool things I’m looking forward to so much!


I’m just adding a citation taken from the article on „Music and Social Justice“ in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy that I think is very fitting for today, and for the next days, and for the rest of 2020, and until the end of this wretched pandemic.


„It is because of the way music feeds into our emotional lives and because of the sense of social well-being we get from sharing emotional states with others that music so frequently accompanies movements that build, and depend upon, solidarity.“ 





Nachtrag vom 13.11.2020


Tänzerin Sunita Asnani hat mich gefragt, ob sie die Musik von dieser Woche für eine Bewegungsstudie verwenden darf. Das hat mich riesig gefreut! Nun hat die spontan und sehr emotional entstandene, mit dem Natel und am verstimmten Klavier aufgenommene Musik ein zweites Zuhause gefunden. Und wird es mir erlauben, mit Sunita darüber zu sprechen, was sie und ihre Tanzpartnerin Joana Hermes genau tun, wie sie arbeiten, und woran sie forschen. Ein Einblick in die Welt der Bewegung und des Tanzes. Sehr cool! Ein Double-Win. Mindestens!