polish flutist Iwona Glinka plays my piece "the humming-bird is lying" (it starts at 8:12) for the VoxNovus-Series, March 2016 in Athens (Greece). The album was released in 2017

piano/guitar duo at the MiniFestival in Wabern (CH), 2015

Valentin Hebel plays my piece "walking hours" for four guitars (2016) cinematography: John Rütti

music workshop band plays 3 original pieces of mine in the studio after just 5 rehearsals (2016)

my contemporary jazz sextet live at Theater Tuchlaube, Aarau (CH) (2015)

AKO album trailer for "city of the mountain lion" (Unit Records, 2015)

instant composing solo piano project, recorded at Splendor Studio in july 2014

3 pieces composed for a singaporean string trio during an artist residency in November 2013

jazz quartet playing two very programmatic/comic-related/wild west pieces of mine in Basel (CH) (2013)

a song from the "EMERGING" soundtrack (2013)

two pieces off the album "city of the mountain lion"

EMERGING (2013), a documentary (trailer & preview)

acoustic pop quartet playing one of my songs with lyrics by Rhonda Baker, glass blowing artist from Fireworks Glass Studio (USA). The song was a semifinalist in the UK songwriting competition 2013

trailer for the "EMERGING" single, filmed at the screenings of the documentary at cinématte Bern (CH)

with swiss german pop band Aarefeld (2008)