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Buch mit 27 Gesprächen über Natur, Kunst und Zuhausesein 

Taschenbuch mit Illustrationen, 150 Seiten, enthält das Album als Stream und als Dateidownload (via QR-Code)


Album mit 9 Stücken für echte und gesampelte Klaviere



Weitere Infos zum Projekt finden sich hier


My piece "Every Year" for String Orchestra, performed by Kalisz Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland)

Six pieces of mine, recorded by musicians from Switzerland and Germany – for my Vignettiste project (2020-2021)


Sarah Chaksad, Anicia Kohler, Urs Röllin (Hg.)


Schaffhauser Jazzgespräche

Edition 06


Chronos Verlag


AKO - Haze (igroovenext, 2019)


available on igroove and on all digital channels.

8 pieces written in Japan and at home during sleepless days and nights 


Iwona Glinka - Two Minutes (sarton records, 2018)


compositions from 21 countries, my piece "churchbells in a wasteland" is among them, played by two flutes

AKO - we think of yesterday (igroovenext, 2017)


contemporary jazz album, featuring a sextet and many guests on guitar, trumpet, tuba, cello and viola, as well as three vocalists for two additional songs leaning heavily on american folk tradition


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Johannes Maikranz Large Ensemble feat. Aydin Esen - Zeitbloom (enja records, 2017)


small contribution on Track 5

Iwona Glinka - one minute (sarton records, 2017)


compositions from 17 countries, among them my piece "the humming-bird is lying"

sarton records


AKO - city of the mountain lion (unit records, 2015)


contemporary jazz album, 8 pieces written during or after a residency in Singapore


unit records

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VIII (2014)

piano solo


instant composing project


sold out

Ako Sextett - Emerging (igroovenext, 2013)



two pieces programmatically written for a film documentary project


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