Mehreen Murtaza (Pakistan) – Art Says Hello#1

Talking to people whose daily life is very different from mine is one of my favorite things ever. So I’ve decided to go all in and to start a series called „Art Says Hello“, where I’d like to feature snippets of conversations with artists from other countries, and with people who live and work in villages near the mountains in Switzerland. The people I’ve already contacted have one thing in common – I unfortunately know very little about them and their surroundings, and I’d like to change that.

So here we go! 


My first conversations were with visual artist Mehreen Murtaza from Lahore (Pakistan). She leads „Mantiq of the Mantis“, which is a workshop space, a studio and a spiritual home for artists and for the public. She creates incredibly intricate drawings based on the squares, circles and lines of Islamic Geometry. Do read up on that fascinating concept! 

We jammed twice – she drew while I played the piano – we meditated and we talked. It was so inspiring, even if we didn’t meet in person. Thank you Mehreen!